'Activity is not the same as doing something significant'


‘It is easier to retain what we have, than to regain it when it is lost.’ 

Let’s be frank! New Zealand is in an economic, social and environmental crisis, driven by a neoliberal socialist agenda. We have a government that continues to pat itself on the back and downplay our spiralling New Zealand economy.

We have an unprecedented national debt which has skyrocketed from $59 billion pre-covid to $103 billion post-covid, and they predict a $190 billion dollar debt by 2025.

ONE Party provides a dramatic deviation from the entrenched left and right who have dominated New Zealand politics for decades. Let’s be clear, they are both two wings of the same bird and that status quo needs to go!

New Zealand needs strong leadership, fresh vision, fresh hope and some good old common sense. ONE Party will focus on rebuilding our economy, fortifying our democracy, strengthening our global position and restoring our nation. We offer a no nonsense, solutions based approach, tackling and realigning issues at their legislative core.

ONE Party will open up the books, audit every government department, and strip back the bureaucracy. We will defend and protect New Zealand assets and will ensure the freedoms and rights of all kiwis are protected and upheld, as set out in the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

ONE Party will deliver a genuine democracy and realign New Zealand back to the proud sovereign nation we once were.

Join us as we head to the polling booths to exodus our voting power out from the left and right!

If you want to SHIFT the direction of a nation, it’s at the polling booths. Join us!

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