'Activity is not the same as doing something significant'

Don Moore

Standing in Kaikoura

Contact: Don Moore Mob: 022-025-6787

Don has been married to his wife Sue for forty-two years. They have four children, all married, and fourteen grandchildren.

Don grew up on the family farm in Kekerengu (Kaikoura Coast), he obtained a BAgSc. at Lincoln in 1971, went farming in 1972 and farmed through to 2016, when they then moved to Blenheim.

Having been involved in party politics in recent years, the One Party caught his imagination as both a political and spiritual movement that could see this nation restored to the position that God originally wanted when the gospel first came to Aotearoa shores in 1814.

“My grandfather fought in Palestine in the first World War, which brought about the beginning of the restoration of the nation of Israel, my father fought in the Pacific in the Second World War, and I am now defending those same freedoms our forefathers secured for our nation”.

Don desires to see.
1.  New Zealand prospers socially, financially, and spiritually, through restoring the Biblical foundation that has been eroded by successive governments.
2.  New Zealand stands with Israel as she rightfully asserts her sovereignty over all the land God promised her.
3.  New Zealand’s primary trade supported as a key pillar to our economic development, but with the creation of value-added processing onshore to secure a strong future to our paddock to plate industry.