David was ONE, Esther was ONE, Gideon was ONE, Moses was ONE, Jesus was ONE, You Be the ONE, Clean House! Don't Put Up - Vote Up!

ONE Party Taranaki

Taranaki Co-Ordinator

We would like to invite you to a gathering/Hui with the wider whanau in the Body of Christ.  We are calling on Pastors/ Ministers/ Leaders of ALL churches/ Denominations throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to come & hear our HEARTS.

We are entering into a 2020 Paradigm shift & Its time for the Body to Arise!  The new sound rising calling across our land! ‘Faith is not our weakness – its our Strength’ and there is Strength in Numbers! Christians are the majority, not the minority!  Together we are many but as we rise - we are ONE!

Know the hour, know the season and catch the Strategy!  Intercessors have prayed for many years for our nation, and we believe it’s here!   If you want to shift a nation its at the Polling Booths.  We have the strategy, it’s written in HIS Word and it releases the blessing.  2020 is the window, Unity is the door, and as we unite nationally, we become the Key!


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