David was ONE, Esther was ONE, Gideon was ONE, Moses was ONE, Jesus was ONE, You Be the ONE, Your vote determines our nation's morality!


ONE Party  have collectively and strategically come together from all over the nation with ONE Heart, ONE Vision, ONE Focus, ONE Aim and for ONE Reason.   To drive a political centre challenge for the 2020 Elections.   We endeavour to answer all questions and invite you to click the below.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a Christian Party?

In short – Yes!  Currently there are no Christian Parties in the New Zealand political arena and the Christian Sector are looking for a space in which they can entrust their vote and their voice.   We have moved into an era where the Christian voice is increasingly red taped and silenced and we are deeply concerned about the state of our nation and the way it is going.  If ever there was a time for the Christian voice to rise and to unite – Its Now!   Join Us!

Can Anyone Join?

Yes  any person can join ONE Party as our Values and Policies are aimed at all Kiwi’s across the board.   We signal up-front our Faith position, and will always work together strategically and collaboratively for the bigger political picture.  We ask you entrust your vote to us as we challenge the status quo not just for our children, but for your children and your children’s children, and for our future generations.   Its TIME to CLEAN HOUSE!  Are you up for it?  We Are!

Are You Splitting the Vote?

Absolutely we want to take every vote from every Political Party!   The NZ political arena has 2.5 million  voters to pool from (4.8m if everyone votes), so yes, theres room for votes to come our way. ONE Party are the only ones who have drawn a line in the sand, and are strong enough to uphold the Christian banner of both Faith & Values!  We believe that  if ever there was  a time in history for the Christian voice to rise and unite, IT’S NOW!    We say to the Churches,  do not shrink back, its time to take out the polling booths and shift this nation!   Arise and be the 2020 KING MAKER for our nation.   In Politics ‘Your Vote is the currency of your nation’s morality’.   Are you up for it?  We Are!

Whats the Strategy?

Here are the Facts:    4.8 million people in NZ, 38.4% register to having a FAITH.   That equates to 1.8 million FAITH voters.  On election day that would make FAITH bigger than the Greens, Act, NZ First and National.  In fact, Faith would be bigger than Labour.    Catch the Revelation– You are the KING MAKER!   “Your FAITH is not your weakness, it’s your strength”  “Faith Voters are not the minority but the majority”   It is simple really, Unity is the key to take back the nation!

Embrace Strategy!  1.8 million FAITH voters voting on election day will create a 2020 SHIFT in this nation like never seen before! ONE Party will lead the Charge!  Join Us!  Let Faith Unite!

Would you Join with other Parties?

The Political pool is big enough to house every Party and we are open to strategic & collaborative conversations!   We believe it possible to collectively unite, and to find common ground, even in our point of difference.  Our door is always open!