'Activity is not the same as doing something significant'

Faye Lavaka Tangipa

Standing in Kelston

Contact:  Faye Lavaka Tangipa Mob: 021-163-0337

Faye was born in Tonga and immigrated to New Zealand when she was 9 years old in 1975 and settled in West Auckland with her family.  Married, she has six children and two grandchildren.

A lay-preacher since 1994, Faye leads an international life group and is deeply involved in a prayer – ministry of her church.

Faye is passionate about the Biblical relationship between God and the Government.  She is devoted to discipline believers in Jesus Christ, including equipping them with the knowledge needed to restore Truth to culture.

Passionate about people’s wellbeing she has established physical exercise programs as a Certified Community Coach Exercise Instructor.

Having worked for the Department of Labour and Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment for over 33 years.

As an Ambassador of Christ, Faye champions freedom of speech,

Social-justice, the right to live as we are made in the image of God and for the truth to be heard.

The core to a healthy society is a vibrant, faith-filled, intact family. I stand to make sure the wellbeing of the family is represented to uphold the sanctity of life, religious freedom, and traditional marriage and family. Faye strongly advocates for people.  She stands for Righteousness, Justice, Truth, Freedom of speech, and freedom to worship God in Aotearoa.  To God be the glory!