'Activity is not the same as doing something significant'


Policies written by people from their sectors. A Health policy written by a Doctor, a Rural policy written by a Farmer, a Education policy written by a teacher and so on.  The ONE Party policies are listed below. If they are in Yellow text – they are completed!  If they are in black text, they are currently being drafted and will be completed shortly and uploaded accordingly.

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Abortion Policy

Euthanasia Policy

Education Policy

Child Youth & Family Policy

Youth Policy

Pornography Policy

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Justice Policy

Prisons Policy

Military Policy


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Hate Speech Policy

Religion Policy

Treaty of Waitangi Policy

Charity Policy

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Covid 19 Policy

Economic Policy

Immigration Policy

Rural Policy

Superannuation Policy


Foreign Investment Policy

New Zealand Citizen’s Overseas

Israel Policy



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Agriculture & Horticulture

Environment Policy

1080 Policy

Clean Water Policy

Clean Food Policy

Clean Air Policy

Clean Land Policy