David was ONE, Esther was ONE, Gideon was ONE, Moses was ONE, Jesus was ONE, You Be the ONE, Your vote determines our nation's morality!


ONE Party stand with Israel.

New Zealand has a history of close relations with Israel based on shared values of a liberal democracy, a representative parliament, a free press and an independent judiciary.

During World War One, New Zealand soldiers helped to liberate Jerusalem from oppressive Ottoman rule, and following World War Two, our nation voted for the UN partition plan that lead the way to the establishment of the state of Israel.

Many New Zealanders have a connection to Israel as the birth place of Christianity.

History has shown that Israel is the only nation in the region that will protect minorities and the holy places of all religions.

  1. Establish a New Zealand Embassy in Jerusalem.   Israel is a sovereign state and has the right to determine the location of its own capital. The Israeli House of Parliament is situated in West Jerusalem, which has been its governing centre since 1949.
  2. Formally apologise to Israel for New Zealand’s sponsoring of Resolution 2334.  The National government’s decision to co-sponsor UN Resolution 2334 along with Venezuela, Senegal, and Malaysia was a mistake and a betrayal of our historical support of an important ally, with whom we share important values of democracy and freedom.
  3. Affirm Israel’s right to Defend itself.  We will condemn acts of terror against Israel. We stand against Iran’s sponsorship of terrorist groups and will designate Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and Hezbollah as terrorist entities.
  4. Support Israel at the United Nations.  We will stand against the routine and unfair targeting of Israel at the UN. We will stop the use of tax-payers money funding UNRWA, which is implicated in fostering antisemitism and encouraging radicalism, until there is evidence of reform.
  5. Strengthen trade ties with Israel.  Israel is at the cutting-edge of innovation and technology in a range of sectors and a leading start-up nation. We will encourage the economic relationship with Israel and will sign an innovation agreement to grow the relationship.

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