'Activity is not the same as doing something significant'


Penelope Dawson

Council Secretary
Penelope, born in India, to a tea planter father from London and an opera singer mother from Adelaide, emigrated to New Zealand as a teenager with her family. She has a degree in Horticulture, specialising in landscape design and also studied in this field at university in the US and in UK working in landscape assessment studies and design. Penelope says she had known about God all her life but it wasn't until she was in her early 30's that she really came to accept Jesus and her spirit was re-newed.
She is married to Rodney, and has five children and two step-daughters. Penelope home-educated their five children over a period of 20 years. In the process, she discovered the true history of New Zealand as she taught her children about their heritage, which brought her to understanding the great potential inherent in the genuine, God-given unity between Maori and European. Rodney and Penelope, right from the beginning of their marriage have jointly started and run their own business. Now she works in support of the video production company begun and being built by Rodney and two of their sons.